It all began with a cassette of the Jurassic Park score playing in my aunt’s minivan.

Photo by Kaya Savas

Ever since I was a prematurely-bespectacled man cub, I’ve been obsessed with film music. It started as a John Williams obsession, and gradually swallowed up the whole genre. After years of making film score mixtapes, air conducting to The Empire Strikes Back in the family van, and explaining what “film music” was to the perplexed laypeople in my life, I’m now a film music journalist in L.A…. doing basically the same things for a living.

I produce radio stories for NPR, Classical KUSC, and Southern California Public Radio, and write for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Vulture, The RingerVariety, and L.A. Weekly. I write liner notes for soundtrack albums on La-La Land Records, Intrada, and Quartet, and program notes for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the San Francisco Symphony.

projector & orchestra is where I write about whatever I want on the topic I’m still obsessed with to an unhealthy degree (if you ask my wife). Essays on new scores and old, trends in the art form, film reviews, and score anniversary interviews. Visit my official site if you’re interested in seeing my published (big boy) work. Thanks for reading!